2019 Big 9 Girls Track & Field All-Conference
Big 9 Track & Field All-Conference is determined at the Big 9 Conference Meet.  In relays, first place earns All-Conference, second place is named Honorable Mention.  In individual events, 1st and 2nd places are automatically All-Conference as well as all who surpass a time based on past conference meet finishes.  If there are less than four who meet that standard, then the next highest finishers among the top four are Honorable Mention.
  Big 9 Track and Field All Conference 2019  
4 x 800 m Relay   Girls
    Rochester Century
    Addison Clarey
    Penelopea Gordon
    Gracie Shannon
    Caitlin McWilliams
110/100 m hurdles    
    Taige Iverson (Au)
    Mongi Obong (R.Cent)
    Elle Thorson (RW)
    Indya Campbell (MW)
    Hannah Hanson (R. Mayo)
100 m Dash    
    Kinga Moses (R. Cent)
    Anissa Lee (Win)
    Marquetta Berlin Burns (Win)
    Emma Hodapp (NFLD)
4 x 200 m Relay    
    Red Wing
    Emily Hart
    Ella Scott
    Breck Bergin
    Tyler McGrath
1600 m Run    
    Hannah LaMaster (R. Mayo)
    Anni Skillicorn (Win)
    Madelyn Skjeveland (FBO)
    Grace Johnson (RW)
4 x 100 m Relay    
    Red Wing
    Elle Thorson
    Cadence Thorson
    Carolyn Hanson
    Tyler McGrath
400 m Dash    
    Elizabeth Acheson (NFLD)
    Megan Geraets (ME)
300 m Hurdles    
    Indya Campbell (MW)
    Mongi Obang (R. Cent)
    Jessica Gregory (OWA)
    Grace Acheson (NFLD)
800 m Run    
    Madelyn Skjeveland (FBO)
    Syd Kretlow (OWA)
    Hannah LaMaster (R.Mayo)
    Olivia Beshorner (ME)
    Penelopea Gordon (R.Cent)
200 m Dash    
    Kinga Moses (R.Cent)
    Anissa Lee (Win)
    Megan Geraets (ME)
    Marquetta Berlin-Burns (Win)
3200 m Run    
    Grace Johnson (RW)
    Eve Anderson (ME)
4 x 400 m Relay    
    Clara Lippert
    Ella Palmquist
    Grace Acheson
    Elizabeth Acheson
Shot Put    
    Emma Roethler (NFLD)
    Kristen Rasmussen (MW)
    Emma Roethler (NFLD)
    Rachel Clifford (ME)
Long Jump    
    Annie Wendt (R.Mayo)
    Cadence Thorson (RW)
Triple Jump    
    Annie Wendt (R.Mayo)
    Mongi Obang (R.Cent)
High Jump    
    Lindsay Bangs (OWA)
    Lexi Karge (ME)
Pole Vault    
    Abby Olenius (MW)
    Jenna Sikel (MW)
    Karissa Ricks (NFLD)
    Kasey MOhlke (NFLD)